Under Pressure

Hi, my name is Kirsty. I’m a new mum with a 10 month old girl named Rafaela. Being on Maternity Leave has allowed me to spend more time in the kitchen; surprisingly this is a good thing, as I’ve always loved cooking and more importantly eating!

I’m now four months into the journey of ‘introducing solids’ to Rafaela and it has been an energising and inspiring experience all at once. I know that this kind of enthusiasm is not shared by all mums. I know that this part of raising children can be daunting and complicated with the pressure from society being immense. Especially as 20-25% of Aussie kids are overweight or obese.

I’ve named my first post ‘under pressure’ as I think this is an appropriate title and it pretty much sums up my last 10 months with Rafaela.  Becoming a mum is fraught with uncertainty and a paranoid judgement of my choices; let alone writing about it and posting it online.

I’ve felt the pressure to reach for convenient pouches of commercial baby food and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, well the organic brands at least. They are exactly what they say they are; organic & convenient and Rafaela gobbles them down.  It’s an impressive range and it’s fair to say ‘commercial baby food’ has come a VERY long way.

My foodie bible has been ‘WHAT DO I FEED MY BABY; A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO STARTING SOLIDS’ by nutritionist Leanne Cooper. I’ve also cross referenced ‘Which Foods When – Getting the Basic’s right’, chapter 22 from Well Adjusted Babies by Dr Jennifer Braham – Floreani. Then the rest is all down to Google and the shopping cart.

I’ll share what we make from scratch, how we adapt our adult food and how we use commercial baby food for those ‘fast food’ moments. I also encourage you to share what you make with me.

IMG_1280I hope that you and your bubba choo enjoy food as much as we do!

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One thought on “Under Pressure

  1. Cathy Yarwood says:

    Hi Kirsty, Great site and some good advice for new mothers….keep up the good work I am sure new mums will get a lot out of your site.

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