Our little familyHi, I’m a new mum. I have a baby girl, born in January 2012. Her name is Rafaela, she and many new mums are my inspiration for starting this blog. I’m a home cook and I’ve taken great interest in cooking nutritious food for my daughter in the hope that she becomes an adventurous eater, just like me.

Professionally I’m a mum first and work in advertising media second. I’m surrounded by fabulous mums, many cooking and preparing meals for their little ones. One mum in particular has really inspired me. Her journey started 8 months before me and I’ve been so lucky to learn from her. Another mum is in the family, she is an amazing cook and has two beautiful girls, if I could mother anything like her I’d be very satisfied. Like I said I’m a home cook. I love to experiment with recipes, adding what I have in the pantry or fridge. I get this from my own mum. Notorious for holding all her recipes in her head.

My aim is to share what I’ve learned both from a recipe point of view and also what I’ve found on the shelves in the supermarket that might help transform your pantry. I hope to give a more Australian perspective on products and produce. I invite anyone to contribute and make this a great recipe co-op for parents.

Thank you and enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Rose says:

    I have a baby girl born February 2012 and I am always looking for meal options for her. Your orange cous cous looks great and will have to try it. Wonder if other fruits are possible, too. Thank you for the recipe.

    • kirsthunt says:

      Thanks Rose, you must be excited about her birthday coming up. Rafaela turned one today! Yes you could try it with any fruit you can get juice from. Or make the base recipe with orange juice and add other fruit pieces like peaches, mango, blueberries. Enjoy!

  2. Cathy carolan says:

    Loving your site Kirsty, James told me about it and I’m really looking forward to trying your recipes. Evie just starting to try solids so it very plain and basic at the minute, I’m just giving her carrots, green beans, apples and pears (not all at once) just introducing her to the different flavours but not very successfully. Fingers crossed she starts to enjoy them soon so I can start cooking some of your recipes. Hope you are all well xo

    • kirsthunt says:

      Thanks Cathy, I really hope it is useful for you both. Starting solids is daunting and exciting all at once. Evie is just too adorable. I am sure she will be a very good eater. Much better than her uncle James ;O)

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